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    2-Verification Letter for Marking Duty (teachers from private institutions)
    Sr.# Description
    All forms are in PDF/DOC format so Adobe Acrobate/Microsoft Word is necessary to view them.
    1 Date of Birth Changing
    2 Student's Name Changing
    3 Father's Name Changing
    4 Correction in Name/Father Name Spellings
    5 School Migration (NOC)
    6 College Migration (NOC)
    7 Board Migration (NOC)
    8 Refunding the Admission Fee
    9 Returning of Fee other than Admission Fee
    10 Withdrawal of Students (Matric)
    11 Withdrawal of Students (Intermediate)
    12 Duplicate Result Card/Certificate/Obtain Before Time Certificate (OBTC)
    13 Travelling Allowance / Daily Allowance (TADA)
    14 Performa For Miscellaneous Board Duties

    Material For Centre Marking

    1-Verification For Centre Marking
    16 Co-Ordinator Daily Report Performa
    17 Delivery Challan for Admission Form
    18 Subjects at S.S.C. (Matric) Level
    19 Subjects at H.S.S.C (Intemediate) Level
    20 Result Card/Certificate Verification
    21 Scholarship Bill

    Material for Regular Registration/Admission Forms (Matric)
    1-Forwarding Letter For Matric Annual,2015
    2-Forwarding Letter For 9th Annual,2015 For Admissions
    3-Specimen of Signature Form
    4-Forwarding Letter (9th) Annual For Income Finance 2015 For Registration
    5-Forwarding Letter (10th) Annual For Income Finance 2015 For Registration
    6-Forwarding Letter (9th) For Academic Session(2014-16) For Registration
    7-Withdrawal Form
    8-Identification Slip For Regular Candidate (9th)
    9-Identification Slip For Regular Candidate (10th)
    10-Provisional Admission Form(Shortage of Attendance)
    11-Examination Material (Matric)2014

    23 Material for Regular Admission Forms (Inter)
    1-Forwarding Letter For Finance Income(P-II)
    2-Forwarding Letter For Finance Income(P-I)
    3-Fee Refund Form
    4-Financial Statement Form
    5-Forwarding Letter
    6-List of Candidates Form
    7-Signature Form
    8-Withdrawal Form
    24 Revised Fee/Dues Detail
    25 Application for Mobile Inspector
    26 New Scheme of Studies for Matric (Session 2012-2014)
    27 New Scheme of Studies for Inter (Session 2012-2014)
    28 Model papers for 9th-Class, 2013 and Onwards
    29 Model Papers Intermediate,2014
    30 Objective Model Papers i-Matric and ii-Inter
    31 Remuneration Bill of Distribution Inspector (Theory/Practical)

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